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Entrance Control Solution for Sabre Uruguay Office

Gunnebo Entrance Control solutions have been installed at travel software and technology specialist Sabre’s remodelled office in Uruguay, to ensure the safety and well-being of its employees, clients and visitors.

Gunnebos entrance solution incorporates its latest SpeedStile FP 1200 EV speed...
Gunnebo's entrance solution incorporates its latest SpeedStile FP 1200 EV speed gates, finished in full stainless steel grade 304, to operate 6 lanes in place. ©Gunnebo

As a global technology company serving the travel industry, Sabre’s innovative software has revolutionised the way personalised travel experiences can be delivered, leading to an increasingly digital and interconnected world.

With its visionary approach and dedication to customer success, its base in Uruguay is currently home to over 800 staff.

Entrance Requirements

To help Sabre meet its entrance control requirements, Gunnebo was invited to work with Abelenda Hermanos as a security system supplier to design and install a comprehensive solution, created to optimize access control whilst maintaining a seamless flow of people.

Says Natalie Sarmiento, Sabre Security & Safety Manager: “Our vision is always to connect people with travel experiences that matter most.  And in doing so, our team are the most important part of our business to think differently and make this happen for our customers. We needed to ensure their security on-site in our remodelled office in Uruguay, with the highest standards.

“By proactively working with Gunnebo Entrance Control we were able to design a system that easily blended with its surroundings, while coexisting with the welcoming environment we wanted to create for our employees and our guests. This is something that flows throughout our offices and has been received well by all on site.”

Gunnebo Entrance Control worked closely with Sabre to create a bespoke entrance control solution, incorporating its latest sleek design SpeedStile FP 1200 EV speed gates, finished in full stainless steel grade 304, to operate 6 lanes in place.

What Changed After Implementation?

By implementing Gunnebo's entrance control solutions, Sabre has significantly enhanced security measures, reducing the risk of unauthorised access without compromising on speed or aesthetic design.

Says Omar Ferrero, Director at Abelenda Hermanos: “It was an absolute pleasure to work with Sabre and install entrance control for the benefit of its staff and guests.  The real benefit of working with the Gunnebo SpeedStile system is the focus on ease of installation, together with its use of advanced technology to balance speed, security and design.  The finish is stylish and maintains the highest level of safety for all who work and visit the new facilities.”

Gunnebo's SpeedStile FP 1200 EV system enhances security and optimises the flow of people in office environments. The system's high throughput capability ensures efficient traffic management, allowing for swift and smooth access for authorised individuals.

Equipped with intelligent sensors, it provides accurate and reliable entrance control, effectively preventing tailgating. Additionally, the system's customisable design options enable integration with the surrounding architecture, enhancing the aesthetic appeal of the new headquarters.

Thomas Axelson, Gunnebo Partner Network Manager – LATAM concluded: “The successful installation of Gunnebo’s entrance control solutions at Sabre’s offices in Uruguay highlights our capability to deliver customised security solutions.  We will work with our clients and installers right from the initial design stage to project completion to deliver a solution that presents the highest level of security whilst maintaining a welcoming feel. We are thrilled with the results and proud to support Sabre as they continue their mission to make travel happen across the globe.”

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