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Sicurezza 2021 Will Offer Training Program For Security Professionals

Cyber security, new technological paradigms and professional development: through collaborations with industry organizations, associations and media, Sicurezza, at Fiera Milano this November, is gearing up to offer a training program that cultivates “security culture” and its professionals.

Integration and digitalization have completely revolutionized the security landscape. Not only do individual products no longer exist, but solutions, increasingly tailored to customer needs and specific contexts, are becoming part of a complex ecosystem that should be managed and considered as a whole. A new landscape that opens up new prospects for security professionals while also confronting them with new challenges, requiring new skills.

That’s why Sicurezza, the industry's leading exhibition in Italy and Europe taking place at Fiera Milano from the 22nd to the 24th of November 2021, is enriching what it has on offer with an extensive training program for professionals, which will also allow them to obtain professional endorsements in several cases.

Continuous development is key, especially for protecting individual professionals who are increasingly given individual responsibilities, but also to ensure the quality of the products installed, which only perform at their best if they are managed properly.

From anticipating market trends, to technical and regulatory tips, to product updates organized by the exhibiting companies themselves, the training will enhance all three days of the trade fair with all events sharing a common goal: provide sound support to operators and develop specific skills. In short, training to give added value to those working in the sector. 

The Cyber Arena: Program Highlights
The big challenge all sectors will have to tackle in the coming years, on top of digitalization, is both physical and digital security in order to protect company assets and safeguard business continuity. In fact, since the beginning of the pandemic, cyber-attacks have become a part of everyday life and are, naturally, a matter of urgency for the security market too, where solutions are increasingly digital and connected. This is why the Cyber Arena is returning to Sicurezza 2021, with a program of training and information built around the needs of manufacturers, security managers and installers.

Produced through a research-based collaboration between Business International-Fiera Milano Media, a Fiera Milano Group company, and created with the aim of providing a broad view of future scenarios, every day Cyber Arena will host Cyber Security Talks, meetings with experts sharing their outlook on the sector’s key trends, and Cyber Security Tips, short training sessions with advice and suggestions that can be put into practice straight away.

It launches on November 22nd with a talk on Cyber security trends: new frontiers in national cybersecurity, featuring an interview with Nunzia Ciardi, Head of the Postal and Communications Italian Police Service, followed by a round table with top public, private and association representatives. The second talk will focus on Cyber Security and OSINT techniques: new strategic approaches to security, which today, with almost all information available online, become key for both public and private organizations.

The second day will discuss Cyber Security and Smart Working, dealing with new remote working methods safely.  This discussion will provide participants with a checklist for figuring out how to defend their corporate security perimeter, what countermeasures to adopt, how to improve their ability to respond to attacks, how to increase awareness of threats and the importance of appropriate employee and administrator behavior while working remotely.

On the same day The Future of Security: the convergence-cyber security paradigm will be analyzed, with the debate centered around a need to be familiar with and understand the critical issues technological convergence brings with it in order to gain all the advantages while minimizing risks and adopting technological, architectural and procedural measures that are consistent with and proportionate to the context and the asset being protected, whether it be material, immaterial or human.

On the final day of Sicurezza 2021 there will be a talk on Industrial IOT, ICS and SCADA: the cyber security ecosystem, from existing systems to clouds and Artificial Intelligence, which will analyze minimum cyber risk management policies, especially for companies operating in security.

Meanwhile, the Tips will tackle more specific topics and delve deeper into technical aspects with case studies of success and failure. The topics covered by these learning pills include The Essential Toolkit for Cyber Security Managers (scheduled for the first day), Implementing a Cybersecurity Strategy in 30 Minutes (held on the second day) and Hacker trends: how to protect your infrastructure (scheduled for the last day).

Associations' Events
Organizations and associations are key to the industry and aim to offer sound support to producers and operators, providing content and market insights.

On November 22nd, ANIE Sicurezza and ASSIV are holding a conference. Technological development and new security paradigms. Today, a sector as significant as security requires advanced professional, organizational and equipment skills that enable the use of increasingly sophisticated technologies, as well as a hearty appetite for process innovation. This round table aims to reflect on how, and to what extent, new technologies are transforming security, expanding its area of operation, in synergy with operators who, when adequately trained and supported, become powerful key players in security and safety. These new, manifold possibilities raise the question of whether it still makes sense to limit surveillance operations to property defense alone and what the limits of public-private integration are for more efficient and effective citizen protection.

There is a wide variety on offer from associations on the 23rd of November: Organized by the Ordine degli Ingegneri Della Provincia di Milano, the Province of Milan’s professional engineers’ associations, in collaboration with ANIE Sicurezza and UMAN/ANIMA, the conference The new approach to fire safety: from professionals to management. Focusing on new legislation and updates in voluntary regulations will take stock of the state of the art in technical regulations in fire prevention, particularly in light of significant new legislative provisions that regulate the new approach to fire prevention, from professionals to managing fire safety.

The CEI Alarm Systems training course will illustrate the principles of alarm system design describing related component subsystems and the applicable technical and regulatory framework. More specifically, starting from the initial identification, analysis and risk assessment phase, the course will illustrate the steps and criteria to follow in the design, implementation, verification and maintenance of alarm systems. In the afternoon session, the focus will turn to how to calculate the performance level required to identify the level of security an anti-burglary alarm system achieves. Taking part in the CEI course, provided by the Italian Electrotechnical Committee, provides engineers and Industrial Technicians to eight professional training credits.

The Protecting valuables is not just a resilience issue conference offered by ANIMA Sicurezza also focuses on professionalism and the importance of training and leading technical standards in valuables protection and custody. Authoritative industry representatives from the physical security supply chain will present their point of view and their experiences: while the complexities of the world of security are familiar for industry experts, unfortunately this is not always the case on the market. Carelessness and a lack of skill in formulating supply specifications or choosing maintenance services unfortunately undermine the efforts to offer the level of professionalism that is now available on the market.

The event Professionalism and Qualifications for Security Systems Installers to protect the market: the inter-associative process results and future ideas on the 24th of November will describe the evolution and the state of the art of the inter-associative project promoted by AIPS in collaboration with Aipros, ANIE Sicurezza, Assosicurezza, ICMQ b.u.Cersa, IMQ and TÜV Italia, created for Sicurezza 2019 and aimed at unifying the current certification schemes’ contents for the security system designers, installers and maintainers in one Technical Standard. In recent months, a joint UNI-CEI Team has been working on drafting a standard for professional designer, installer and maintenance technician operations by identifying tasks and activities and the knowledge, skills, autonomy and responsibility requirements, aiming to create a “license” for security professionals. The results of the inter-associative process will be set out at Sicurezza 2021 and any future developments will be discussed. 

The issue of security in healthcare facilities is highly topical nowadays and shines a light on the role and skills of personnel in charge of security within facilities that are considered vulnerable targets. On November 24th, this will be the subject of the ASSIV conference Security in Healthcare: security & safety for operators, users and facilities, in which authoritative security and healthcare figures will discuss the issue while moderated by a leading university lecturer in healthcare security, in order to bring out highlights and lowlights of a context whose protection is vital for the entire country.

What Media Partners are Offering
Technical expertise and a knowledge of rules and regulations are key, but these alone are not enough to see your revenue grow. In a new normal that has led us to rediscover the value of human relationships and empathy, a knowledge of sales techniques is the key to gaining credibility and the customer’s trust. In short, interpersonal skills and a knowledge of “effective communication” methods are vital because, before installing and designing, you have to sell. This is the thinking behind Ethos Media Group's "If you don't sell, you don't install!", scheduled for November 22nd. With an innovative training approach, which overcomes the limits of rationality by stimulating learning through fun and comedy, theatrical speaker Fabrizio Badiali will focus on strategies for improving the security systems sales process in a market that has been redefined by the uncertainty of the last two years.

The pandemic has shown that security is not a cost, it’s a wealth of skills to be nurtured and protected, an asset that must be put in place through a new pact between institutions and operators along the supply chain. This reflection has given rise to the discussion taking place on November 24th, organized by essecome-securindex, in two parts. In the first, The New Deal for Security, the main associations that represent installers, security managers and security guards will discuss what has emerged over recent months in order to send a united message to institutions in order to gain recognition for their specialist professional skills. This will be followed by Unarmed services, a new contract and a different qualification, centering the debate around the UNI standard for certifying the skills of unarmed operators with the associations of surveillance and users. Over the exhibition’s three days, Securindex Formazione, alongside INIM, will also offer Learning Pills aimed at installers that feature Cybersecurity and physical security systems supplier responsibilities; Domotics and IoT, the importance of IP network security; Risk analysis and designing anti-intrusion systems.

Sicurezza is taking place at Fiera Milano from the 22nd to the 24th of November 2021. An entrance ticket will also allow visitors to attend the concurrently held trade fairs: Smart Building Expo, the home and building automation and technology integration exhibition that complements Sicurezza with its smart building and smart city range, and Made Expo, Italy's leading exhibition in the construction industry, taking place from the 22nd to the 25th of November. 

Photo: Fiera Milano S.p.A.
Photo: Fiera Milano S.p.A.

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