Four New Cameras from 3xLogic

A leading provider of security hardware, software and cloud-based solutions has launched four new cameras and imager solutions. Each camera offers specific features such as fixed lens capabilities, AI analytics and enhanced visual performance for poor lighting conditions.

3xLogic has launched four new security cameras
3xLogic has launched four new security cameras
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Mike Poe, Director of Product Management at 3xLogic, said: “With the latest camera models, 3xLogic is expanding the options available to the market for affordable and easy-to-install devices that carry out vital AI analytics at the edge. This makes advanced AI video analytics accessible to many different applications with no need for expensive server rooms, additional cabling, and extra ongoing maintenance.”

“The dual-image cameras take this cost efficiency even further by combining two imagers in one device, making it simple for end-users to benefit from two lenses in the same housing without multiple devices and installations needed.”

The Visix Dual Thermal/Visible Light Imager combines visible light and thermal imaging with edge-based deep learning analytics for enhanced security and real-time monitoring. This Dual Imager integrates a 5MP, 4mm visible light sensor with a 56-degree field of view, and a 320x240 resolution thermal imager in a single housing.

It is ideal for day or night surveillance and threat detection in retail, education, commercial and warehousing. It can also support temperature detection for applications such as food manufacturing, oil and gas, mining and chemical manufacturing where tight temperature control is required. Alerts are generated when a temperature goes higher or lower than the set threshold, or when a temperature is raised or lowered at a defined ratio and interval. This helps operators reduce the risk of fire, explosion and food spoiling.

Optimal Infrared Coverage

The Visix 5MP Ball Turret Camera series features highly adjustable, easy-to-install, high-definition cameras for use when optimal infrared coverage and clarity are required in challenging lighting conditions. It is well suited for perimeter surveillance of storefronts, parking lots and inventory areas ensuring precise threat detection day and night.

This cost-effective solution is flexible and versatile for indoor or outdoor use, providing clarity in otherwise poor visibility areas. The cameras offer optimal 70’ IR and perimeter coverage, true Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) and fixed or varifocal lenses.

The Visix 10MP Fixed Dual Imager offers high-definition coverage with the ability to manually adjust two 5MP lenses in one housing unit. This allows for dual use of the imagers, including using one for edge-based AI video analytics to accurately detect and track people, objects, and vehicles. This makes it appropriate for installations in small spaces where the imager can offer full coverage, such as dual entrances, turnstiles and hallways.

The camera comes with vandal-proof housing, WDR to provide clear images in challenging lighting and IR of 60’ each lens (120’ total). 

Finally, the Visix 20MP Varifocal Surround Camera has four independent imagers capable of manual adjustment that can be positioned to cover virtually any security footprint. Each imager will pan, tilt and zoom independently. It comes with audio and alarm capabilities, remote zoom, WDR and IR up to 100’. The camera is designed for large areas where full video coverage is needed such as large commercial spaces, warehouses, data centers and car parks. 

The Dual Thermal/Visible Light Imager, Fixed Dual Imager, and Surround models come with edge-based analytics that carry out object detection and tracking within the devices themselves with insights and metadata transmitted back to operators. This reduces the need for costly server rooms, making deep learning analytics more accessible for a range of applications.

Based on deep learning, false alarms from wildlife, moving trees and wind are reduced.

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