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12.02.2024 • TopstoriesSecurity

Danger Prevention at Infraserv Höchst

Covering an area of 4.6 square kilometers, the industrial site Infraserv Höchst, Germany, is a veritable ‘town within a town’. It has its own railway, its own harbor, and its own fire brigade. Ninety chemical and pharmaceutical companies are located here that together employ some 22,000 people. Infraserv Höchst’s business is location development, and they are experts in the provision of chemicals-related services. The Danger Prevention department of the Site Management division is headed up by Linda Voigtländer. GIT SECURITY spoke with her.

22.01.2024 • NewsSecurity

Smart LiDAR for the Security Industry

According to Blickfeld, the Blickfeld QbProtect is the first smart LiDAR that, thanks to analysis software, standard interfaces, and a web GUI on-device, provides directly usable results concerning unauthorized entry. Object size detection leads to a remarkably low false alarm rate.

29.09.2023 • TopstoriesSecurity

Simonas Mikuzis: “Our Radars See Outside, On and Within the Perimeter”

Just like GIT SECURITY EMEA, Navtech Radar is celebrating a milestone achievement this year. The company recently produced its 5000th radar, so we spoke with Navtech’s Product Manager for Security, Simonas Mikuzis, to find out how Navtech’s work has evolved since it was founded in 1999, and how he sees the important issues in radar security today.

10.08.2023 • TopstoriesManagement

Matteo Capelli: "We Can Integrate Sensors with AI"

Commercial Director, Matteo Capelli, at Cias talks about video analytics and why it has limitations in external perimeter detection, as well as real time communication between CCTV and PIDS. GIT SECURITY has asked leaders in Perimeter Protection to give a concrete outlook.

01.06.2023 • TopstoriesSecurity

Sensor and Information Management Systems for the Protection of Infrastructure and Assets

The complete protection of critical infrastructure, in particular in the energy and supply sector, has been a mainstay of Senstar for many years, a provider of integrated security solutions that include video technology, access control and sensors for perimeter protection. GIT SECURITY spoke with the new CEO of Senstar GmbH Michael Rumpf and Head of Sales John Rosenbusch about the company’s strategy for the near future – among other things also the continuation of the organic growth and expansion of their partner network.

24.05.2023 • NewsSecurity

How to Secure a Solar Farm with Radar Detection

It can be a challenge for even the most experienced security professional to secure solar farms and solar fields. In contrast to many other industries, solar farms are large, open-air facilities that are often located in isolated, unfenced areas and are therefore at risk of vandalism and theft.

04.01.2023 • TopstoriesSecurity

Dual Sensor Video Analytics

Dual Sensor Analytics (DSA) is an innovative video analytic capability developed by Sightlogix to improve intruder detection reliability for smart cameras used outdoors. DSA intelligently compares the results from both thermal and visible sensors simultaneously to deliver trusted alarms in difficult outdoor situations.

25.11.2022 • TopstoriesSecurity

Preview: Perimeter Protection 2023

Keeping visitors out is the exact opposite of what the organizers of Perimeter Protection 2023 want to achieve, but it lies at the heart of 130 exhibitors waiting to demonstrate their concepts, products and solutions at the exhibition center in Nuremberg from 17–19 January.

28.03.2022 • TopstoriesSecurity

Reliable Perimeter Protection Creates Higher Profitability

Theft of solar modules is not uncommon these days. Reports of burglaries in solar parks and photovoltaic plants indicate that organized gangs are at work here. But high replacement costs and the failure of an entire plant because of minor defects or faults are a major problem for the operator. Critical mobile phone and power grid connections of the isolated solar parks are an additional risk factor., a service provider for security solutions, has specialized in solar park security in various European countries, ­Canada and the Dominican Republic, and has developed comprehensive concepts to protect against the theft of plant components such as copper cables, solar panels, inverters, against vandalism and the ­consequent operational failures.

06.08.2021 • NewsSecurity

Perimeter Security for Distribution Centres

Distribution centres are a critical part of the supply chain and of any company’s business operation. Their security is paramount to protect not only the items stored, but also the fleet of vehicles parked within their sites.

15.07.2021 • TopstoriesSecurity

Security for Ports 2021

Keeping up logistics, shipping on high seas and waterways is a business which needs to be carefully run on big trade ports, rivers or passages, ­especially on the word trading routs. We could get an impression of what happens, if sea traffic comes to a stand during the past month when Suez Canal was blocked. Logistics in Ports and waterways is a high-security topic, which is why GIT SECURITY collected some of the security technologies on the market that help keeping up the flow of logistics safe and secure.

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