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29.10.2021 • TopstoriesSecurity

Qognify Cayuga – more than video

The trend towards ever more complex video systems with more and more cameras continues unabated – and with it, the requirements for video management software are changing fundamentally.

03.01.2019 • News

Wavestore Expands Middle East Presence

Wavestore, the British developer of open platform Video Management Software (VMS), has announced the opening of a Middle East office and the appointment of Mustapha Kabbara as its ...

02.10.2015 • News

Restructured SeeTec on growth path

On-Net Surveillance Systems (OnSSI) acquired a majority stake in SeeTec in April this year, thus creating a new global player in the field of video management software. Thanks to t...

09.09.2015 • News

Massive City Savings with Milestone VMS

Milestone Systems open platform IP video management software (VMS) is being used by Aalborg municipality in Denmark to optimize the security levels for property protection. The num...

14.04.2014 • News

Vivotek: Technology Integration with AxxonSoft

VIVOTEK has announced successful integration of two of its latest security solution technologies with AxxonSoft's widely used Axxon Next video management software (VMS). The first ...

02.07.2013 • Videos

Milestone Interconnect

Milestone Interconnect is a unique system concept that allows most XProtect video management software (VMS) to be interconnected with Milestone's premium software XProtect Corporat...

12.06.2013 • TopstoriesSecurity

Lenses – Just a Camera Accessory?

Wikipedia begins the explanation of the term ‚Lens‘ in two short sentences as ­follows: „...A lens is an optical gathering system that produces a realistic optical image of an obje...

10.10.2012 • News

Audio Analytic agreement with AxxonSoft

Audio Analytic and AxxonSoft are pleased to announce a licensing agreement in which Audio Analytic's sound recognition technology is now integrated into the Intellect Enterprise ph...

13.07.2012 • News

Seetec: increases market penetration

Seetec: increases market penetration. Seetec has expanded in 2009. The manufacturer of the video management software Seetec 5 has, according to IMS Research, been able to defend th...

05.10.2011 • Videos

Milestone: A chance for more

Milestone Systems is the world's leading provider of open platform IP video surveillance software. For over a decade, Milestone has been leading the way in providing easy-to-use, y...

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