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Perimeter Protection Options

Perimeter protection has always been an important subject in military applications and later was further developed in the civilian sector to become an important part of security sy...

GIT SECURITY team explains different options on how safeguard perimeters
GIT SECURITY team explains different options on how safeguard perimeters

Perimeter protection has always been an important subject in military ­applications and later was further developed in the civilian sector to ­become an important part of security systems. The GIT SECURITY team explains different options on how safeguard perimeters and also informs about the lates solutions.

While military applications have limited the innovation for more affordable perimeter protection, growing threats to homeland security have launched a lot of innovative products to protect critical infrastructure and properties. The solutions include physical barriers, cameras, radar systems, microwave and radio wave fences and biometric scanning systems.

Radar Technology
When it comes to radar, Axis for example just added network radar technology to its product portfolio. The area detection technology ignores many common triggers that result in false alarms, and has been designed for easy installation and integration with existing systems. Their new Axis D2050-VE Network Radar Detector is used for accurate and reliable area detection of moving objects in a variety of light and weather conditions. It is a good complement to cameras with video motion detection and can be used to track moving objects with PTZ cameras.
Radar also allows for a wide area to be covered whilst thermal cameras are more suitable for long perimeter protection. Developed primarily for medium-sized industrial installations, the product is designed to integrate with Axis cameras and video management systems (VMS) – in addition to surveillance systems and VMS from other major vendors.
MagosScepter perimeter security radar, for example, brings advanced radar technology to the security market. The Scepter (SR-1000) is Magos’ long range addition to their advanced and cost effective perimeter protection detection solutions for both rural and more saturated environments, without compromising detection performance. By utilizing state of the art Mimo & Digital beam forming technology it covers an area of more than 500,000m² (>120 acres) with a detection range of up to 1000m for walker/vehicle/boat and even drones at up to 250m, and yet consumes extremely low power (<5W). It boasts an ultra-high range accuracy giving it excellent performance in cluttered environments. Magos’ radars detect at all weather and light conditions and their Mass control software automatically cues Onvif compliant PTZ cameras to the detections according to target profile. All events are logged in the VMS allowing the user to utilize the VMS capabilities-Mobile device operation, video debriefing etc.
In case you want to integrate a security system into your radar system, Flir could be an option to consider. The Flir systems easily integrate with third party systems including drones and radar systems. The Cameleon Tactical advanced camera control system is designed to provide security and surveillance applications in a highly customizable and user-friendly environment. The strength of Cameleon Tactical lies in its ability to control virtually any number and combination of analog and IP devices from different manufacturers with point and click simplicity.

Sensor Technologies for Perimeter Detection
Each sensor technology has advantages and disadvantages depending on the environment and the situation at the location and a whole set of factors must be taken into account when designing a system. There needs to be a good balance between a system being sensitive enough to detect intrusion and to avoid nuisance alarms. With FlexZone for fence detection and OmniTrax for buried cable systems, Senstar shows its most reliable competence in perimeter protection. Both systems use complex algorithm and parametric options to avoid false alarms and intrusion detection on the spot. All Senstar systems work with the known management systems available on the market and in combination with video- or as alone systems they provide very high reliable and effective security for perimeter protection.

Video Motion Detection
Video Motion Detection enables you to use cameras or thermal cameras to provide both, intrusion detection capability and the option to observe intruders once they are detected. When linked to a recorder, the video system also provides documentation of an intrusion event and the intruder. Advanced perimeter protection solutions often are based on a combination of thermal cameras and optical cameras with built-in video analytics software. The advantage of thermal cameras is that they can detect intruders in complete darkness and provide automatic alerts when an object enters a pre-defined area. The advantage of video motion detection is that it can give alarm before an intrusion happens and leaves time for verification. With very good thermal sensitivity technology, IndigoVision’s BX Thermal Bullet Camera could be a solution for dark, long range monitoring applications. With a VOx uncooled thermal sensor and athermalized focus free lens, the BX Thermal Bullet Camera provides an all-in-one intelligence-driven solution for extreme outdoor and indoor thermal security. High thermal sensitivity (<40mK) captures more image details and accurate temperature measurements over long distances, providing endless installation possibilities. Combined with powerful, built-in intelligent video and thermal analytics which can detect a maximum, minimum or temperature difference, alerting users when an abnormality is detected. Especially for perimeter detection and long range monitoring.

Infrared Detection
Systems Passive infrared sensors detect energy generated by external sources, particularly the thermal energy emitted by people in the far-infrared range. Active infrared sensors generate a beam of modulated infrared energy and react to a change in the modulation of the frequency, or an interruption in the received energy when an intruder passes through the area protected by the beam. Advanced systems combine digital bi-directional IR beams and microwave technology within one unit. These are well suited for high risk areas located in critical environments where conventional technologies fail to grant continuous proper operation. Dahua has created a comprehensive solution to tackle the challenges of border surveillance. For example, take a 100km section of essentially unlit, wild border terrain. A thermal dome camera (TPC-SD8320) with 30x zoom can be installed every 1km. It can quickly detect objects using thermal imaging and then confirm threats using visible light images. In this way, night monitoring difficulties can be completely overcome with infrared light. IR cameras are a key component of any video security system that has to provide around-the-clock monitoring capabilities, and the Dallmeier line of advanced IR cameras is ideally suited for that task. The latest addition to the company’s IR product line, the DF5400HD-DN/IR, is an Ultra HD camera with integrated IR illumination. It is designed specifically for applications requiring images with high resolution in real-time during daytime and in IR mode at night.
For example: Dimly lit areas on the apron or sections along the airport perimeter, which might only be lit when lighting systems are triggered by movement, are among the many possible applications.

Microwave Systems
Microwave perimeter intrusion detection systems work by analyzing changes in the received signal between a transmitter and a receiver. Early systems have suffered from an inability to discriminate between a human target and false alarm events caused by animals, weather and the ­movement of trees and foliage, but modern systems have dramatically reduced false alarm rates. Sensor manufacturer Optex Europe has an outdoor intrusion detector, which provides 12m x 90-degree detection coverage. It includes a rotation lock to make it easier to open/close the cover. Sensor adjustment Components are also identified in blue, to make it obvious which parts allow you to manipulate the sensor detection area, this makes the sensor easier to adjust. A spirit level has also been incorporated, and an automatic walk test mode starts upon closing the cover. The VX Shield outdoor sensors feature active IR anti-masking which detects objects covering or blocking the lens when monitoring the detector status. The dual-technology VXS-DAM (wired model) and VXS-RDAM (battery operated model) have an integrated algorithm of both PIR and Microwave that provide Digital Triple layer detection, this means the upper and lower PIR detection areas and MW detection area must be simultaneously crossed to generate an alarm. The DAM and RDAM models provide particularly high false alarm immunity in scenarios where strong sunlight or high ambient temperature can be a problem: they bring the ultimate stability in detection performance.

Physical Barriers Plus Perimeter ­Intrusion Detection Systems
Comprehensive perimeter protection can only be created by a combination of mechanical and electronic components. Depending on the type of perimeter, this should include exterior protection with fences, crash bollards or other barriers, vehicle sluices with quick folding gates or a barrier/sliding gate combination if necessary, entrance and access control systems for pedestrians as well as additional video monitoring. When it comes to barriers, GIT SECURITY wants to show you two companies which specialized in the field of fences and crash bollards: The Expanded Metal Company for example offers the ExMesh range fencing systems and security products which are designed to protect people, property and infrastructure from a broad array of threats. The range, which provides additional security for walls, ceilings and partitions, comprises ExMesh Securilath SR1, a lightweight option, ExMesh Securilath SR2, a heavyweight option, and ExMesh Securilath SR3, a double skinned option.
Perimeter Protection Group on the other hand offers different movable or fixed crash bollards for sites. Pedestrians may enter unhindered, but vehicle traffic is to be stopped. All bollards feature robust construction with heavy gauge material and high tensile steel. Due to their modern design the crash bollards can be used in inner city surroundings for city security as well as for securing the perimeter of large properties. Sicurit is another well-known producer and distributor for perimeter protection solutions, especially in Italy. Perhaps the most familiar Sicurit product are the dual tech barriers that combine digital bi-directional IR beams and microwave technology within one unit. These are well suited for high risk areas located in critical environments where conventional technologies fail to grant continuous proper operation.

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