Intrusion detection

24.01.2024 • TopstoriesSecurity

Detecting Intrusions into Critical Infrastructure with Unrivaled Reliability

While the focus when protecting critical infrastructures in recent years has predominantly been on cybersecurity, current events have underscored the need to shift the attention to physical security again. For instance, substations are often the target of metal theft because valuable copper cables are installed or stored there. Intruders cause significant damage, breaking through gates and fences, resulting in substantial costs, some in the six-figure range.

24.11.2023 • NewsSecurity

Wireless Intruder Security Solution

A modular, wireless integrated security system from Dahua Technology is set to transform intruder detection and security management at small-to-medium businesses, as well as in homes.

21.11.2022 • TopstoriesSecurity

Security for Banking 2022

Banking fraud like ‘ram-raiding’ in banks, driving an SUV through the window and chaining it to the ATM to tow it away, or filling the machine with gas and igniting it from a ‘safe’ distance, crimes like these become more common in the banking industry. GIT SECURITY reports on the latest options to secure banks and threats.

07.11.2022 • NewsSecurity

Detecting intrusion on roofs

Optex advises how roofs can often be overlooked when security systems are put in place and yet they are often used as access point to intrude a building.

03.05.2022 • TopstoriesSecurity

Locked Wheels

How this business owner set up their security system inside with perimeter protection outside using 360° video surveillance.

06.08.2021 • NewsSecurity

Perimeter Security for Distribution Centres

Distribution centres are a critical part of the supply chain and of any company’s business operation. Their security is paramount to protect not only the items stored, but also the fleet of vehicles parked within their sites.

12.03.2021 • TopstoriesSecurity

Photo Alarm Verification: Reducing False Alarm Probability

Each time home security ­system is triggered, there is a large chance for it to be just a false alarm, and if such alarm is not verified as false in short time, there is a high probability the emergency responders get to the place to see nothing ­happened. Not only such situations are ­embarrassing for everyone involved, they are also costly and overall troublesome.

03.03.2020 • TopstoriesManagement

Video Analysis Module for Network Cameras

IPS Intelligent Video Analytics is the first manufacturer that is taking part in the ‘Heop’ program of Hikvision. The abbreviation stands for “Hikvision Embedded Open Platform” – and this is where IPS is embedding five of its analysis modules into Hikvision’s Series 5 network cameras: motion, sabotage, intrusion, loitering and indoor detection. GIT SECURITY asked IPS Head of Sales and Marketing Alain H. Benoit about the details.

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