24.01.2024 • TopstoriesSecurity

Detecting Intrusions into Critical Infrastructure with Unrivaled Reliability

While the focus when protecting critical infrastructures in recent years has predominantly been on cybersecurity, current events have underscored the need to shift the attention to physical security again. For instance, substations are often the target of metal theft because valuable copper cables are installed or stored there. Intruders cause significant damage, breaking through gates and fences, resulting in substantial costs, some in the six-figure range.

22.01.2024 • NewsSecurity

Smart LiDAR for the Security Industry

According to Blickfeld, the Blickfeld QbProtect is the first smart LiDAR that, thanks to analysis software, standard interfaces, and a web GUI on-device, provides directly usable results concerning unauthorized entry. Object size detection leads to a remarkably low false alarm rate.

07.11.2022 • NewsSecurity

Detecting intrusion on roofs

Optex advises how roofs can often be overlooked when security systems are put in place and yet they are often used as access point to intrude a building.

23.10.2020 • TopstoriesSecurity

Next Generation Security for Smart Cities with Intelligent Lidar

IoT solutions are rapidly expanding to improve infrastructure, ­efficiency, convenience and quality of life for residents and communities throughout the world. Society has grown to rely on ­connected devices like smart doorbells, door locks and security systems to keep their homes and families safe. However, many security systems lack the proper features to be feasible for commercial and municipal use cases. Lidar technology has the potential to tackle today’s pressing security challenges and open the door for many exciting new possibilities for smart cities.

23.10.2020 • TopstoriesSafety

Lidar At Its Best

Whether for monitoring areas, facades or perimeters, when it comes to security-related building automation, SICK laser scanners (such as the LMS141) have established themselves as dependable sensor systems to detect persons and to monitor buildings. In addition to use in video management systems, in this time of the coronavirus pandemic, they also support the counting of persons and detection of their direction, as well as checking that they maintain social distancing.