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“PRK” Type Retro-reflective Photoelectric Sensors

“Untouched since the ice age” is not a marketing slogan, but a fact – a real piece of the ice age that still exists­ today: When the ice melted, immense amounts of water drained away into the rock of the Swabian Alp ­mountains. The earth shifting in an unusual way then caused this reservoir to be sealed off approximately 400 ­meters below the outside world. Since then, heavy layers of impermeable stone have prevented rainwater from seeping through to the reservoir and have protected it from all the environmental influences of our time.

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Focused on the Future

Despite the corona pandemic, a lot is happening at Sensor People from Owen in Baden-Württemberg, Germany. In the future, Leuze electronics will only operate under the Leuze brand name. At the same time, the company is becoming even “yellower” and is positioning itself more strongly in this market segment with its own business unit for safety. GIT SECURITY EMEA spoke with ­Ulrich Balbach, CEO of Leuze.

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The name’s Pilz: James Pilz!

Take a light-hearted look at what the Pilz training department has to offer: a training program for your machine safety. In addition to machinery safety trainings and specific prod...

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Sealing Safely

Rychiger, with its head office in Steffisburg in the Bernese Oberland, belongs to the leading international manufacturers of customer-specific filling and sealing machines. Their s...

Artificial Intelligence

Pierre Racz: "Real Artificial Intelligence Does Not Exist"
part one of a three-part interview series

Pierre Racz: "Real Artificial Intelligence Does Not Exist"

In part one Pierre Racz, President of Genetec, is addressing why IP network video systems were the game changer in the industry and why he does not like the term AI.