Integrated Security System for Warsaw Skyscraper

Bosch provides a set of fire alarm, voice alarm, access and video system to the flagship skyscraper in downtown Warsaw. The integrated safety and security solution offers flexibility and scalability to suit the needs of all current and future occupants.

Central Point skyscraper in downtown Warsaw, Poland. Image: Bosch Building...
Central Point skyscraper in downtown Warsaw, Poland. Image: Bosch Building Technologies

Bosch has been selected as the provider for an integrated safety and security solution in the new flagship Central Point skyscraper in downtown Warsaw, Poland – an ambitious new project built atop a metro station. A key benefit is that the solution can easily be adapted to the different ways tenants would like to use their office space and can easily adapt to any future changes.

A Scalable and Flexible Solution for Fluctuating Tenants

Central Point is a 21-storey skyscraper with 19,100 m2 of space. Because occupants come and go, the building owners wanted a solution that was scalable and flexible. Also, they wished for a solution which would adapt easily to the needs of individual occupants new or existing, requiring minimal changes to the safety and security infrastructure if new tenants want to change the floor layout, making sure, for example, that the announcements and voice alarms can be heard by everyone no matter how the office space is divided. 

Integration of All the Security and Safety Solutions

Bosch integrated every single component of the custom safety solution. Avenar panel 8000 manage all of the building’s detectors and interfaces, as well as other safety components in the system. Meanwhile, the fire alarm and the voice alarm system Paviro is interfaced via Smart Safety Link. Besides its use in emergencies, Paviro enables the management of all announcements in the building, or to play music, for example in the lobby of the building. And the Access Management System provides flexible access control for the building and elevator entrance. Video security cameras are installed around the building’s perimeter, as well as in each storey of the skyscraper and its central lobby.

The Bosch BIS Building Integration System software pulls all the solutions and technologies together, allowing for the building’s complete safety and security system to be centrally monitored. Thanks to the full integration of all solutions the building management is, for example, automatically notified when fire detectors need cleaning.  Also, the fire detectors act in tandem with the video security cameras – with the BIS enabling to display a floor map showing precisely where the alarm was triggered and by which detector, enabling staff to switch to the video camera closest to where the event happened to manually verify the incident.

The cost-effective set of solutions was simple to install and is easy for building management and security personnel to use. Software can be updated remotely over-the-air. This is how the completely integrated Bosch solution sets up Central Point with the flexibility and scalability to meet the needs of all existing and future occupants.

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