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28.02.2024 • TopstoriesFire Protection

Smart Fire Monitoring in Cement Production

Clinker production requires extremely high temperatures. Fuels therefore need to be kept at the ready to provide the necessary energy. However, whatever burns during a ­manufacturing process is also a fire hazard. The Heidelberg Materials cement plant in Schelklingen, Baden-Württemberg, Germany therefore uses infrared thermal imaging cameras to enable smart early fire detection.

22.02.2024 • TopstoriesFire Protection

Video-Based Fire Detection: You Can’t Fool AI

The revolution in fire protection is underway as AI-powered video-based fire detection represents one of the most significant advancements in the field. Bosch Building Technologies’ Aviotec 8000i IR solution utilizes AI algorithms for smoke and flame detection. These deep learning-based algorithms enable real-time, accurate fire detection while minimizing false alarms.

08.09.2023 • TopstoriesFire Protection

The Bosch Approach to Protecting Life and Assets

Bosch Building Technologies has developed an impressive range of fire protection solutions over the years and does not stop there. They run regular updates in their product portfolio, also introducing innovative technology like video-based fire detection to the established solutions to extend the scope of applications. GIT SECURITY talked to two Product Managers at Bosch in the area of Fire Safety: Sören Wittmann, Product Manager for Aviotec and Sebastian Wehr, Product Manager for Fire Detectors, about the latest developments in their fire detection portfolio and the next generation of the video-based fire detection, Aviotec.

06.09.2023 • TopstoriesFire Protection

Everything You Need to Know on Fire Detectors

The most classical detectors are smoke detectors. They are widely used and are easiest to install. Oftentimes, many will call them “point type smoke detectors” or “point detectors” which refers to the most standard ceiling-mounted detectors. Smoke detectors detect smoke particles in the air. As soon as the quality of air changes, they give out an alarm. This market research looks at products, at development and asks experts like Johnson Controls, Bosch and Siemens how their systems work and what their take on fire detection is.

21.08.2023 • TopstoriesFire Protection

Fire Protection for Solar Power Farm

A Fiber Optic Linear Heat Detection is a reliable tool for detecting fires on a photovoltaic installation. The rapid growth of solar energy worldwide has led to an increased need for reliable monitoring and fire detection in photovoltaic (PV) installations. PV systems, under high electrical loads, can generate substantial heat due to factors such as aging components, insufficient connection points, or environmental influences. Elevated temperatures can lead to electrical fires, resulting in severe damage to the PV facility and its surroundings, interruptions in power supply, and potential safety hazards.

27.07.2023 • TopstoriesFire Protection

Early Warning Fire Protection with Heat Sensors for Conveyor Applications

Many goods carried on conveyor systems are highly combustible with the power to ignite. Black and brown coal, biomass, industrial confetti, sulphur and recycling products are all examples of goods that can pose a fire risk during transportation. If they do ignite and the conveyor has no fire protection measures in place, then the fire can quickly spread to holding hoppers, blending, crushing or other processing areas of the plant to become a potentially major incident with catastrophic fire damage and substantial consequential losses. Transit sensors for heat detection are a good option in detecting fires in areas with sudden peaks of temperature can lead to explosions and deflagration.

31.03.2023 • NewsFire Protection

Bosch Intelligent fire detection solutions

Bosch fire detectors are highly reliable, thereby ensuring early and accurate detection. Thanks to elaborate and innovative technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI) and smart sensor technologies such as Dual Ray or eSmog you can rest assured that people are protected, material damages are prevented, and business continuity is ensured.

28.06.2019 • News

Teletek at Firex 2019

During last week at Firex2019, Teletek Electronics presented the new Addressable Fire Alarm Panel with 8 loops and touch display.Iirs 8 is an addressable fire alarm panel with cove...

11.04.2019 • News

Euralarm welcomes new Member Halma

Following a decision of its Board, Euralarm has welcomed its newest member Halma plc. The company will join the Fire Section of Euralarm. Halma will now benefit from Euralarms serv...

18.03.2019 • News

Comelit at The Security Event 2019

Comelit Group will be exclusively presenting its very latest smart solutions in stylish door entry, home automation, fire and CCTV at the premiere industry exhibition.On stand SE28...

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