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Charging and Storing Lithium-Ion Batteries Correctly

Lithium-ion batteries offer many advantages. They are long lasting, have a high energy density and are only slightly self-discharging. The batteries are therefore particularly practical for many devices in the industrial sector as well as in security technology. However, one thing should always be borne in mind: Lithium and many of its compounds are highly flammable and highly reactive. Certified and GS-tested type 90 safety cabinet models enable the highest safety requirements to be met when storing and charging lithium-ion batteries.

07.12.2023 • TopstoriesFire Protection

Streamlining Fire Door Inspection with an App

The creation of clear, transparent audit trails boosts the safety of multi-residential properties and reassures both owners and building residents. Having a reliable and up-to-date source of specification information is essential to maximize the effectiveness of the inspection cycle. As at many other stages of the building lifecycle, digitalization can be an ideal solution.

31.03.2023 • NewsFire Protection

Bosch Intelligent fire detection solutions

Bosch fire detectors are highly reliable, thereby ensuring early and accurate detection. Thanks to elaborate and innovative technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI) and smart sensor technologies such as Dual Ray or eSmog you can rest assured that people are protected, material damages are prevented, and business continuity is ensured.

25.10.2022 • NewsSecurity

False Fire Alarms Study in Europe 2022

The true challenge for any fire detection and fire alarm system designer or service engineer is getting the right balance of detection and alarm between as “early as possible”, and as “early as needed”.

27.07.2022 • NewsFire Protection

Amthal wins Security for NQ64 Soho

Amthal has worked closely with contractors in the fit-out for the new NQ64 arcade bar in London, ensuring staff and guests can enjoy the retro arcade games and classic consoles safely and securely.

05.05.2022 • News

C-Tec Exhibits at Firex 2022

Life-safety systems manufacturer C-Tec is exhibiting at Firex 2022. Taking place at London’s ExCeL on 17-19 May, Firex International is Europe’s biggest fire safety event.

20.03.2022 • TopstoriesFire Protection

Patol: Fire Safety Solution for UK Cold Store Business

Patol, working with PWP, is protecting the sites of one of the UK’s largest providers of cold storage, blast freezing and tempering services to the food industry. The project saw the use of Securiton Aspirating Smoke Detection (ASD) and Patol’s Resettable LHDC (Linear Heat Detection Cable) and controllers.

10.03.2022 • NewsFire Protection

​​​​​​​Euralarm: Guidance Document on Integrated Fire Protection Solutions for Lithium-Ion Batteries

​​​​​​​The Extinguishing Section of Euralarm has published a guidance document on Integrated fire protection solutions for lithium-ion batteries. This new guideline provides information on the issues related to the use of lithium-ion batteries, how fires start in batteries and on how they may be detected, controlled, suppressed and extinguished. It also provides guidance on post fire management. Excluded from the scope are explosion and ventilation issues.

30.10.2021 • NewsFire Protection

Peter Clauss returns to IWMA Board

One seat on the board of directors of the International Water Mist Association IWMA had become vacant after Erik Christensen of Novenco had retired earlier this year. This seat is now occupied again.

13.08.2021 • NewsFire Protection

Euralarm welcomes FirePro as new member

Following the decision of its Board, Euralarm has welcomed FirePro as a new member. The company will join the Extinguishing Section of Euralarm which activities cover automatic extinguishing systems using gas, water, foam, powder and aerosols, oxygen reduction systems, portable equipment and other manual means of fire-fighting as well as fire-fighting agents used in either fixed automatic systems or in portable equipment.

06.05.2021 • TopstoriesFire Protection

An Artificial Intelligence Revolution

Michael Hirsch has been leading the Fire business unit within the Bosch Building Technologies division as Vice President since February 1, 2021. In this interview, Matthias Erler from GIT ­SECURITY discusses the new responsibilities in Hirsch’s role, AIoT technology as well as current and future innovations in fire protection from Bosch Building Technologies.

26.03.2021 • TopstoriesFire Protection

European Market Trend: Fire Safety 2021

According to Fire Safe Europe, there are 5,000 fire incidents every day across the whole of Europe. Fires are a health factor, a cost factor and have great impact on polluting our environment. That’s why GIT SECURITY is exploring the topic of fire safety in Europe and discusses here the 7 layers of fire prevention established by the Modern Building Alliance.

01.03.2021 • TopstoriesFire Protection

Resolving Fire Detection Challenges in Secure Mental Health Environments

Within a mental health facility designing or even upgrading system infrastructure is always a challenge due to the nature of the environment. Fire alarms systems are no exception. Compared to an ordinary installation, extra considerations must be taken, when designing a new system or upgrading an existing area, to ensure the most secure environment for the patients.

01.03.2021 • TopstoriesFire Protection

Diamant Zucker: a Fire Protection Solution using Oxygen Reduction

Icing sugar, brown sugar, rock sugar, sugar in packets and tins: sweetness is all around you in the factories of the sugar suppliers Pfeifer & Langen. The company has been supplying sweet products made from beet and cane sugar to the food industry and end users for 150 years, and sells them under the Diamant Zucker brand. The company, founded in Cologne, has numerous locations throughout Europe and is one of the largest sugar suppliers. Mid 2020, a new high-rack warehouse was put into operation at the factory in Poland – with an appropriate fire system from Wagner Poland.

17.12.2020 • News

Sicurezza: Appointment Confirmed For November 2021 Postponed By One Week

Fiera Milano, after reorganising its exhibition calendar for next year, has scheduled a new date for "Sicurezza", reference event in Europe for security and fire-fighting, which will be postponed by just one week; it will in fact take place from 23 to 25 November 2021, again at the same time as Smart Building Expo.

09.11.2020 • News

Wiley Industry Days: A look inside halls, rooms - and at the functions

Only a few more days until the first virtual Wiley Industry Days open. The halls, stands and rooms are almost ready - the industry event for networking is ready. Are you a decision-maker when it comes to security? Then register now for free participation as a visitor. Here we show you how WIN>DAYS works.

26.10.2020 • TopstoriesFire Protection

Fire and Smoke Protection at Football Club FC Bayern Campus

The FC Bayern campus integrates all of the functions of a modern sports academy. Individual requirements for transparency, functionality, design, ventilation as well as fire and smoke protection have been achieved both visually and homogeneously throughout with Schüco system solutions. When it came to fire protection, the central, multifunctional academy building in particular required special conceptual solutions.

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